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May 28 2016


Here are a few in our recommended Santa Marta acommodation choices

http://www.ecohabsantamarta.com/hoteles-parque-tayrona For Travellers who are looking for Hotel near Tayrona National Park


Remarkable Housing at Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park may be a sprawling haven of tropical beaches, with mountains protruding using the horizon behind dense jungles. There's a wealth of activities to do, most notably riding horses, hiking, swimming and soccer discovering lost villages and more. Yet the adventures don't stop there because in Tayrona even sleeping can provide you with a new experience.

The spectacular Tayrona Tayrona national park hotel National Park

There's a small number of good methods for accommodation in Tayrona, just like the Tayrona Ecohabs and Tayrona Cabañas. We decided, however, to stay in the less luxurious hammocks. I couldn't happen to be more pleased. Having stayed in many high-quality Cartagena hotels, I used to be desperate for my Tayrona adventure in order to be something which I can tell stories about and the would look like something of your raw traveling experience.

You can go to Tayrona National Park with See Colombia Trave l, along with a night through the hammocks can be purchased in at just $17, a great deal considering the good thing about areas you'll be staying.

Prices and Fees for Tayrona

It is very expensive as you will see from the below cost breakdown. That is the main complaint many people have about Parque Tayrona. The restaurants, entrance and accommodation fee, all cost far more than the Colombian standards. If you are prepared it doesn't have to be very expensive, however. A trip to Tayrona can also be an extremely cheap way to spend a few days in one of the most beautiful natural places in South America if you follow the tips in this post.

Entrance Fee: The entrance in to the park is $25 for foreigners

Accommodation Fee: Camping in Tayrona (with your own tent) would be the cheapest option, costing $20,000 per person per night whether or not that you are sharing the same tent or maybe not . Renting a hammock costs between $8 USD and $15 USD depending on the location and season. Renting a 2 person tent costs $31 USD but are significantly less nice often of low quality.

Hotels offered:

Find the guaranteed best price obtainable for your journey.

Selection of the most effective hotels in Tayrona National Park


Tayrona Ecohabs, exclusive bungalows at the heart of Tayrona National Park with panoramic views of Caribbean Sea plus the Sierra Nevada. Prices from $684,000 pesos per night for 4 people.


As seen on every postcard of Tayrona and undoubtedly the most recognizable cabaña in your naitonal park. Amazing location, incredible views. Prices from $181,000 pesos for a couple of People.


Barlovento: Another in the iconic cabañas in Tayrona National Park, located while in the mouth of Rio Piedras, facing the Caribbean sea. Price from $261,000 pesos per person.


Beautiful eco-hotel in Minca nestled while in the foothills in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, making use of a breathtaking view over Santa Marta and therefore the Caribbean Sea. Prices from $279,000 pesos per night


Identify the beaches of Palomino with such beautiful cabins nestled with the palm trees with the beach, with long, white sand, beaches just to walk, and treks on the Sierra Nevada. Prices from $166,000 pesos per person.


Surround yourself around the reputation Santa Marta with this particular beautiful house during the historic center, with capacity for 11 people in 8 well provided rooms. Prices from $277,000 pesos per night.

Entertainment: The beauty of Tayrona is that you are going back to basics, with limited electricity, limited phone coverage, no internet or TV and completely cut off from the rest of the world. So, if you get bored of the beach, you might want to bring something to entertain yourself during the days and nights. Playing cards were popular if we are there and are a great way to meet up with other travelers that will create big group games. Keep in mind, there does exist always the token guitar guy in these places to give entertainment after you travel!

Things You Should Do in Tayrona

Hiking: The ruins connected with a small ancient town, often known as 'Pueblito' is positioned over the mountain behind the Cabo San Juan campsite. The entrance in the mountain comes from the rear of Cabo San Juan and also hike takes about 2-3 hours up steep rocky paths in places you may ultimately pick the small town at the very top. This town is viewed as a smaller version from the Lost more, longer, City and another strenuous hike available from Santa Marta. This hike is definitely concerning the journey and also not the destination as there is very little to look at towards the top. It's probably worth every penny for that exercise though after a few events of lying around regarding the beach.

A minor indigenous hut in Pueblito along with the mountain, Tayrona

Snorkeling: There are numerous snorkeling options in Parque Tayrona. La Piscina beach and Cabo San Juan both offer great spots for snorkeling, where you could explore the unique and guarded coral for this Caribbean coast. Prices for renting snorkeling gear is different from vendor to vendor but you can often bargain for a good deal during the low season. Before you bring and arrive it with you as they are expensive to rent in Tayrona, a good option is to buy cheaper snorkel and goggles in Santa Marta.


It is among the most best beaches in South America. Make sure you explore the entire many beaches as they all have different characteristics and swimming/sunbathing experiences. You should definitely never swim in Arrecifes beach because it has extremely dangerous under-currents and it is off-bounds for swimmers.

Views about the coastline of Tayrona

Nightly Music Entertainment: In your Cabo San Juan campsite, local musicians using the area would plat traditional 'vallenato' music with the tourists. The atmosphere and music with this is wonderful it also doesn't last unless encouraged from your crowd. If you enjoyed the music, of course, they are playing for tips, so give them something.

Star Gaze: The absence of lights in Tayrona through the night helps to ensure that, with a cloud-free night, the skies are spectacularly lit with stars. Watch the moon gradually sink within the horizon out at sea and afterwards gaze because stars become brighter and brighter since the night continues on.

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